EWPN has put together a very interesting Agenda: EWPN 2019 Final Agenda for the 2019 event.

What will you gain from attending

  • Listen and learn from the challenges, success stories and experiences from women and men who are leading the way in FinTech & Payments
  • Learn about the latest trends, issues and innovations in the industry.
  • Join the larger tribe of lively and friendly community of like-minded people that will help you grow your network
  • Get inspired by women leaders trailblazing in FinTech.

What topics will be discussed?

The conference will feature interactive panels, deep-dive workshops, and plenary sessions with industry female leaders.

June 4th- Pre-Conference Workshops

  • Personal Branding
  • Am I covered for my sunset days?
  • Budgeting! Budgeting! Managing your finances!
  • Re-framing leadership & Why power matters
  • EWPN Fintech Research Network

June 5th- Conference

  • The new world of work and human leadership in the age of disruption
  • Women, Money and Markets
  • Walking the talk
  • Innovation & Financial Inclusion
  • Charity and humanitarian payments
  • Financial access & abuse of vulnerable adults
  • Eyes on Africa- what the world can learn from emerging markets
  • Founders, Funding & Investments - Show Me The Money!
  • The Pains of the female founder
  • Humanity at Workplaces-The Future of Work
  • Welcome to the Church of Fail - Celebrating and learning from mistakes and Failures!

EWPN 2019 Final Agenda

What should delegates expect?

EWPN is positive that, by creating a positive arena in where women can come together to discuss issues relating to Women in FinTech (Payments) Leadership, female founders, bridging the gender gap, pushing more diversity and inspiring future generations of girls into the sector.